Guy Gone Wild

I want so badly to be good.

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Ill be uploading more of these ;)
This is so fucking hot, pounding his loose ass!

Biaggi has the best balls in the land

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Love when the cum drops from the ass

This was of the very first bareback vids I found as a teen, and I’m pretty sure it was the first time I’d seen cum come out of an asshole. I was torn between wanting to feel the cum coming out of my hole, or wanting to have my mouth under that hole while he pushed it out.

I used to jack off to this as a teenager all of the time. I had this saved in a folder that was inside of 15 other folders on my Sony Vaio.

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OMG i wanna fuck him too!!

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because I need more pics on my tumblr
yes, I’m still alive lol & my ass still fat;)

Fucking tasty



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Follower submission. Thanks Dennis Jetski 


Follower submission. Thanks Dennis Jetski